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Music in Doolin


Doolin is known world wide for traditional irish music.

The Russell brothers, Micho Gussie and Packie are noted as the main musicians to put Doolin on the musical map in the 1970s.


Micho, who cultivated his own unique style of playing the tin whistle was a great ambassador for Doolin. He travelled to many countries and became well known for his music and folklore.


Over the following years, people began to visit Doolin, among them some who went on to become very well known in the traditional music scene.


Today, there is a wealth of musical talent in the Doolin area. Musicians from all over the world travel here to join in with the local music makers in what can be the best music sessions heard anywhere.


To honour the men who put Doolin on the map, the Russell Memorial Weekend Festival is held on the last weekend of February each year with concerts, sessions and workshops in music and dance.

There are music sessions nightly in all four pubs in the village, McDermotts, McGannsFitzs and O'Connors.
Below you will also find links to other music events and festivals held in Doolin during the year.
Russell Memorial Weekend Festival
Doolin Folk Festival
Doolin Music House
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